Always going above and beyond what was promised and never sacrificing story for an effect.

Jenée LaMarque, writer/director 


New to post or visual effects? We're here to help steer you in the right direction. We can breakdown your needs and ideas into a feasible, actionable plan.


We like to roll up our sleeves and produce stunning, seamless results. No idea is too small or too grand; our team will help build a customized plan for you. We can connect you to a world class group of artists, producers and studios that are the right fit for your project.


A trusted collaborator with an uncompromising attention to detail.

Christopher Folkens, director 


Supervision and Producing

We specialize in the conceptualization and creation of onscreen and offscreen visual effects.  VFX Supervision doesn’t stop (or necessarily start) on set.

We can be your main shoulder to lean on through the process. We will either roll up our sleeves and create the work you envision or arm you with the right custom team for the work at hand.


We love to start the conversations early on, though we realize that’s not always the case. We are nimble and can jump in at the last minute to help solve your needs.


Digital Shot Work

Our core team focuses on high-end compositing. 

To see more visit the Before and Afters.



We're here to help you navigate the who, what and how.

Including Colorists, DI, Post Supervisors, Editors, Assistant Editors, VFX Editors and Workflow.


We couldn't be happier with the journey the film took once they came onboard

Laura Farber, director 


Main Titles, Branding, & Promotional


Don't settle for a preset. Each project is unique. Your titles, art cards and graphic needs should reflect that. Whether minimal or loud!

If your design needs are above our pay grade, we are positive we can connect you to the right team within our network.


Screen Time! (Literally, screens on-screen)

It’s hard for modern day stories to not include a phone or computer.

That also means they sometimes share as much screen-time as the onscreen characters. Making content to best serve the story is right up our alley, either before production or in post.